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The internet and the communication systems have experienced remarkable technological advances and to the same extent that new technologies and services emerge, new possibilities arise. Benefit from the expertise of Spirit Linux, to support you in the following areas:


Deployment of Linux environments, with high-performance and modern security, availability and monitoring policies. We are specialized in Linux in general, working with all kind of Linux distributions, but if necessary, we can even create a customized Linux distribution, according to your business needs.


Reduce your investments in purchases of new servers, monthly maintenance and related costs – such as power and cooling – with the use of virtualization. We are specialized in cloud computing and high performance technologies such as XEN, Vmware, LXC, OpenVZ, KVM. We implement all virtual infrastructure with simple management and web interface.


Are you secure? We’ll help your company in the definition and implementation of access policies, security and auditing. Our service is not only about the software, but also about process, avoiding inconvenience to users and working to prevent business loss.

 Infrastructure for Service Providers

Our team can help you to deploy services like BGP, OSPF, QoS, advanced routing, PPPoE, Radius. We can project customized projects and solutions to mix your networking with web applications.

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